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Friends come on go.. but only when the time is right and they finished what they had to do..


New beginning


I should start reading my old posts regularly.. maybe in this way I remember!

I started writing because I needed to move on.. then I continued writing about him.. and celebrated life, love and friendship.. And then I got lazy and stopped writing 😦

I should start writing again. This time for me. Because life, love and friendship get celebrated daily!

up to Gothenburg

I should get myself a place up up in the sky.. I love the puffy clouds.. the plane’s noise.. the still air surrounding.

For some reason, my face lits and a huuuuge smile makes its way up every time the plane is ready to take off.

This time I’m on my way to Gothenburg. Sweden.
The forecast is not that friendly.. rainy it says.

But no worries. It’s gonna be a different kind of rain. Sweden type. And there’s gonna be a different air.. and some different people..

Oh, I cannot wait to land!
So see you on the other side of the North See πŸ˜‰


I think I’m in love!
And it’s not like any other love.. this is so different.
It’s that type of randomly love which only makes itself noticed when you’re up in the air at 11.000 meters altitude.

My face literraly lits up, a huuuuge smile appears and butterflies burst when I see the light blue sky and the fluffy white clouds.

fluffy clouds

fluffy clouds

2013 started great! Paris in February, Frankfurt in March and now Bratislava in April. I might have just discovered my dream job: one week of travel per month is just enough to recharge with energy to last for three weeks, before the next flight takes you to a different city!

just thank you!

hey guys..

I just want to say thank you all.. for being there for me through this tough period. thank you for all the messages, texts, visits.. and kind words. I do hope I will be able to go back to my usual routine after this 3 week rest period. I need to be optimistic.

But most of all, I want to thank you! I don’t know what I would have done without you being here with me, holding my hand, kissing me when the pain increased.. or simply caressing me..
Or maybe I have an idea, but it’s darker and scarier.

It all means so much to me.. you’ve been so supportive and caring that you left me breathless..

Thank you.. for being in my life!
❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀

things we do..

it’s the little things we do..

  • that I like so much..
  • that make me smile..
  • that make my heart pound..

I could make a list.. but it’s gonna be a long one πŸ˜€

I’ll definitely start with the huge smile on your face.. which is the first thing I see when I wake up..
And I’ll end with your sweet “goodnights”.

But what’s in between.. that’s pure magic.
And it’s ours.

it might just be you

I cannot contain this rush of feelings..
It might be the wine I had tonight.. but as well, it might not be that..

It might just be you.
2000 km away and it might just be you.

And this time apart made me realise how close I’ve got to you for the past two months.. and how much I need to be there, anywhere, to share everything with you.

Today I’m coming home.

it’s not goodbye..

it’s the goodbyes that make you realize how much you care about someone..
and that’s when you know how much you’ll really miss them..

I already miss you..

it’s not goodbye.. it’s s2eus2on πŸ˜€

summer time.

I’m freeeeeee..
I’m free and with plenty of time to spend with you.

This summer is special. it’s our summer.
it’s yours. it’s mine. it’s special.
Seaside.. Mountains.. Berlin..
just like a summer should be.

But for these next two weeks.. I’ll miss you.
I’ll miss your eyes.. your smile..
our mornings.. our sweets break..

But afteeeeer.. the world is ours :*

we’re friends.. of course we are.
we do things together.. sure we do.
we tell each other stuff.. sometimes we do.
we help when in need.. definitely.

but what happens when we cannot help? when there comes a time.. when it’s impossible to help?
we forget all the good stuff.. we send some angry text messages..
and we’re not friends anymore..

my favourite kind of attitude 😐

now let me tell you what friends really do:
friends understand.
then they ask what’s with you and if they can help you in any other way..
and.. most of all.. they think TWICE.

I know that “a friend in need, is a friend indeed”.
even though I wasn’t able to help this ONE time.. I don’t think it makes me a bad friend.
I know I explained the situation. I shouldn’t have. Sorry for that.

now I’m angry. and I shouldn’t be.